Zero-touch provisioning delivers a simple ‘plug and play’ solution

Simply plug in the SIP phone, and it works

Premier-Cloud’s zero-touch provisioning makes setting up and installing your client’s hosted PBX completely hands-off and with our white-labelling service, you don’t even need to see the phones.

  • Easy ‘plug & play’ set up – initialising the telephone system is a simple matter of plugging in the phone
  • No engineer required on-site means you can keep your overheads to a minimum
  • Phones are dispatched pre-registered to you or white-labelled directly to your customer
  • The MAC address for each phone is added to your hosted profile
Panasonic SIP Phone

How zero-touch provisioning works

If you are a hosted PBX and VoIP reseller, we are providing you with an opportunity to gain the competitive edge and engage a new demographic.

IP Telephony from Premier-Cloud is the ideal VoIP solution for small and growing businesses who might not be in a position to afford the big brand platforms that sell at a premium.

  1. With Premier-Cloud, a profile is created during the order process to ensure all the MAC addresses are automatically mapped to the profile when the order is shipped
  2. Once the customer receives the device and plugs it into the network, the device automatically calls the Cisco Cloud/RC EDOS server
  3. The SIP phone self-syncs by looking up the latest profile based on the device’s MAC address, then provides the up-to-date profile to the device
  4. The device is redirected to the SIP Provisioning Server
  5. The SIP Provisioning Server provides configuration information to the device
  6. The phone is set up and ready to go

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