Flexible SIP Trunks with our Premier-Cloud Hosted Solution

Flexible SIP trunks

Your customers can take on unlimited channels to scale up and down as needed. All we will need to do is ensure your customer has the required bandwidth.

The number of SIP trunk channels required will depend on the total number of concurrent calls your telephone system is expected to handle. We provide real-time monitoring to allow your customers to optimise the number of SIP channels they need.

Liberate your customers from the expense and inflexibility of traditional phone lines and call provider relationships.

SIP trunks are the way of making calls over your IP connection, rather than over a traditional phone line. SIP trunking can help you save your customers money by using the data network to handle calls, so separate phone lines are no longer needed.

SIP trunks also provide more flexibility than traditional phone lines as you can market a business locally around the country, take phone numbers with you if you move, and have your calls diverted to another site in the event of an emergency.

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