Broadband for Business VoIP Telephone Systems

Supporting your business with connectivity

Premier-Cloud provides a range of connectivity options to ensure a quality service is supporting your business.

Solutions as simple as providing super-fast internet connection or a more advanced secure network for individual company locations.

SIP Trunks

SIP trunking is the way of making calls over your IP connection, rather than over a traditional phone line.

By using your data network to handle your calls so you no longer need separate phone lines.

As you can market your business locallly around the country, take your phones numbers with you if you move, and have your calls diverted to another site in the event of an emergency.


Broadband is the most common form of internet and is responsible for low internet speeds, especially in rural areas, as the amount of data being uploaded and downloaded simultaneously competes for space (bandwidth) on internet cables going into your building.

The speed of this most standard form of Broadband is rarely adequate of business grade connectivity. As the sub-standard speeds fail to satisfy consumer requirements and other alternatives roll-out, this will inevitably become obsolete.

Fibre to the Cabinet or ‘Superfast Broadband’

Don’t compete with other businesses for data speeds.

Although upload and download speeds are competing for space, the dedicated cables go from the telephone box on the street to your network, so it is highly unlikely you will have bandwidth issues producing slow internet speeds. Generally found in city centres, FTTC is ideal for businesses that are unhappy with the slow internet speeds on their current broadband.

This connection to the internet is for your company only. The dedicated internet access means you are not contending with any other companies in your building or on your street or in your area for internet speed.

FTTC is ideal for remote areas that have poor mobile signal and currently rely on traditional telephone poles and lines to make voice calls.

Wide Area Network

This provides an internal area network for companies with several locations that are cautious about security.

A WAN is not connected to the internet so it can never be hacked, it is purely for use by company employees.

WAN is mostly used by companies that need to keep customer data confidential but need to transfer it quickly and securely between locations.

This is ideal for businesses that prioritise customer trust and loyalty and consider security to be vital.

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