Soft Reception Console

The Reception Console is designed to manage inbound call flows. By integrating with your CRM and business and personal directories will you to identify callers by name and number, even before the call is answered. Important callers can be answered immediately, moved up or out of queues or straight through to a PA or Account Manager to deliver the highest level of customer service.

Soft Reception Console

The console uses Drag and Drop functionality, which makes it easy to use and eliminates the need for lengthy specialised training sessions.

The reception console includes lots of great features together with the familiar look and feel of Phone Buddy.

Features include:

Soft Reception Console
  • Call control with drag & drop for quick & easy call management
  • Call queues overview & manipulation
  • Direct calls to user, groups or a conference facility
  • Presence & rich presence status
  • View and add conference participants
  • IM, SMS and email alerts
  • Access to multiple directories
  • Quick call banner for speed dials and notifications
  • Call history & call-back option
  • Integration with leading CRM platforms
  • Night service
  • Screen popping, park bay & multiple transfer options


  • Search
  • Call Action Buttons
  • Call Console – Dialler
  • Drag and Drop
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Park
  • Call History
  • Call Waiting
  • Night Service
Reception Console Call Bar


Calls and contacts can be easily searched from the search bar of each section of the console.

Call Action Buttons

Make outgoing calls and manage incoming calls using call action buttons to answer, reject, hold and transfer.

Call Console – Dialler

Type, or copy and paste, any number into the dialler to connect a call. Simply enter the number and click on the dial icon.

Drag and Drop

Once answered, the receptionist can simply drag the call to the relevant contact or a voicemail if required.

Reception Console Dialler


Call Transfer

Calls can be transferred using Attended Transfer, with an introduction allowing the recipient to reject a call and leave the agent to handle it or as a Blind Transfer, without an introduction. Calls can also be transferred directly to a voicemail or into a conference group.

Call Park

Park calls and see parked callers phone number and name, by hovering over the park icons.

Night Service

Activate Night Service with the click of a button on the Call Bar or Reception Console.